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With a wealth of experience and a track record of success, I have collaborated with diverse clients and companies to produce top-tier video content. My proficiency spans

across industry-standard tools such as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop, empowering me to craft and enhance videos project specifications.

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About me

I specialize in post-production Editing

I am a self-taught video editor with over five years of experience, specializing in DaVinci Resolve. Additionally, I have one to two years of experience using Adobe Premiere Pro. For the past three years, I have managed a monetized YouTube channel, focusing on post-production work, particularly music video editing. Establishing the brand of Godsend MixedMedia I’ve provide VFX tutorials using DaVinci Resolve's Fusion on my YouTube channel.

My journey



  • 2003- 2006 HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOLMemphis, TN DiplomaVo-TechGraduated May of 2006


  • 2020-2021
  • Core Focus Camera gear
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Audio


Freelance Video Editor

  • 2019 - current Utilized cutting-edge motion graphics, special effects, and animations to captivate and invigorate music videos. Utilized color correction and post-production techniques to efficiently reduce video file sizes and enhance audio quality. Collaborated closely with clients to produce high-quality video content that met their standards. Provided instructional support to clients through video conferencing while editing multiple projects using Discord. Created and edited digital educational content for YouTube and other platforms, with a primary focus on optimizing SEO through keyword research.

  • 2021- current Through my YouTube channel, which has amassed over half a million views and over 10,000 subscribers, I also operate a website that offers presets, plugins, and other mixed media for purchase. Utilizing Discord, I collaborate with clients to improve their expertise in DaVinci Resolve. Furthermore, I am responsible for managing email marketing and social media.

Color Grading

I have over three years of experience in color grading and am continually expanding my expertise in this field. I've developed an efficient workflow that consistently delivers excellent results in minimal time.

vertical video editing

I have extensive experience in repurposing long form content for vertical video production.

photo editing

working with brands

I have collaborated with brands in the past to produce content aimed at increasing awareness of their products and /or brands.

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